Welcome to BrianFurer.com!

Who is Brian? Brian is a man of many facets, talents and pursuits. This site is a collection of all these things-his work, his work, his recreation, a collection of all the elements of his life, summarized, with the link to websites for each and every thing he does!

Follow the links below in red to explore and get to know him!

  • VIP Real Estate Co  VIP Real Estate is Colorado’s leader in forward thinking Real Estate Sales. VIP Real Estate is entrenched in technology, delivering future of the Real Estate industry….TODAY. Add this to true VIP caliber service, your choice is clear. When you absolutely must have the very best…..choose VIP Real Estate Co! Professionally operated by Brian Furer, Broker Owner.

  • Home Sales   Brian Furer, Realtor. A background in sales, development, mortgage, construction, property mgmt & leasing- plus marketing instincts, investment expertise, cutting edge technology, energy & passion is a formula for success for YOUR Real Estate goals!

  • Home Makeovers  Brian’s background in Real Estate development has led to doing exciting projects, ranging from simple fix and flips to pop-tops, expansions, and total land redevelopment of multi-unit dwellings! Tour this site to view his latest work!

  • Athlete/Fitness  A representation of an amazing journey Brian has undertaken, and continues along, a journey of personal transformation. It started with a simple desire to get in shape and lose weight, and then became so very much more – bodybuilding competitions, fitness modeling, and more!

  • Acting  Brian Furer’s adventures have led him to the big screen!  Past films, current films in production, with more on the horizon.  Brian is available for casting calls and auditions now!

  • Events  A lover of the social scene, Brian actively produces some of society’s best events – nightlife, holiday events, charity benefits, and is involved in the production of many more ranging from sporting to corporate promotional events. Check out the fun!

  • Travels  One of Brian’s passions is traveling. He loves to explore other cultures, foods, music, sightseeing, and such.  Packed with action, these adventures are documented here.

  • Videos  With today’s technology, everyone shoots little videos through life.  Brian takes personal videography up one notch! Some are for promotional purposes, other are work related tours and then there are ones for pure enjoyment.

  • VIP Commercial Real Estate  With a history in business development in industries including multifamily, real estate development, mortgage, operations management, services, and retail development – Brian has entrepreneurial business instincts that have never been wrong.